What I Can Help You With

Strategy Planning & Execution


Clarity Of Direction

Clear strategies focused on top and bottom-line growth. Exact recommendations on where to go, how to operate, and what to offer, at corporate level or for individual business units.


Priorities for Action

The initiatives needed to achieve objectives. Making things happen by driving team buy-ins, cost optimizations and organization alignment across the organization.

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How We Can Work Together


Consulting services have traditionally been provided in a face-to-face manner. However, parts of these can be provided through online channels and in a ‘self-service’ manner to reduce costs and time, and cutting the dependency on external consultants.

I provide my services in three models – Do It Yourself (tools provided), Remote Consulting, and Assisted Consulting.

Clients can start with Do It Yourself and then choose which model to use, depending on their constraints and requirements.

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Learn about me

I’m all about competency-driven growth.

Whatever the type of your organization, I can help you grow or become more efficient.

Using 20+ years of global consulting experience, I develop strategies and action plans that are based on five key principles of successful execution that I have idenified and used successfully.

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Featured – A New DIY Management Tool

Assess your organization’s Strategic Capabilities!

Get this useful tool – a Do It Yourself assessment tool with 70+ questions to help you assess your capabilities across 13 strategic categories.

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What They Say About Me…

A seasoned business consultant and an expert in the area of market entry strategy. He has a fantastic eye for detail and strong project management skills. He used these skills to successfully and quickly set-up new practice areas and stabalize processes.

Sumeet Sharma

Vice President | Strategy & Programs and Chief of Staff – President’s Office | SAP

Atul is a colleague I greatly respect, for his grasp of Customer Strategy. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Atul on several occasions & his tenacity, ability to assimilate large quantities of information to craft succinct C-Suit recommendations, has impressed me the most.

Biji Janan

Director | Marketing, Sales & Customer Practice | PwC, USA

Atul is a true professional and a great resource for any organization. Extremely knowledgeable about many industries and related trends, excellent analytical abilities, very solid, structured problem-solving approach and pragmatic attitude.

Fabrizio Giamello

Director | Global Commercial Sales, Server | AMD

Atul was working on Strategic Initiatives driving new models of recruitment and training. The assignment was not a straightforward solution. Many organizations have attempted newer models with little or not much impact. I was impressed with his thought process and the detailing. And his ability to take it to execution.

Jyoti Narula

Vice President | HR & Staffing | GE Capital International Services


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