Strategic Management Expert providing hands-on strategy development and execution support to achieve the results wanted by leadership.

Strategy development and implementation is tough and needs an experienced touch. Do you need help building your growth strategy? Or maybe you've found that the implementation is not providing the results you expected?

I can help you develop and execute your strategy as your in-house strategic management expert on a part-time or full-time basis. I'm also experienced in working on a remote basis so can assist you wherever in the world you are located.

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strategic management

Read about my Approach to quickly meeting needs and solving problems. I have developed a methodology which combines strategy development and the process of executing strategic initiatives, to save time and to ensure seamless coordination between those developing strategy and those who actually implement it.

strategic management

Understand the services I offer - Strategy Development and Execution Support. which include the various key elements of strategic management ranging from clarifying the Mission and updating Objectives, to developing the optimal Operating Model and balancing the organization's staffing.

strategic management

Review my real-life cases that show how I've helped clients in many industries, in several countries, with all sorts of services that range from strategy to research to feasibility studies to organization design and framing roles & responsibilities.


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