Atul Vaid

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My Value Proposition

I provide value via problem-solving, new ideas, insights, easy consulting and sustainable solutions. I can help you with a mix of services, both directly and via my partners:

  • Developing a strategy to build growth and boost profitability
  • Communicating it internally and externally so its understood by all stakeholders
  • Executing it via a well-planned and constantly monitored program
  • Building the organization structure and capabilities that deliver results on an ongoing basis

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An engineer by training, and a problem solver by profession

Trained as a Construction engineer (BE), I opted to broaden my horizons, and understand the business rationale behind how companies worked, by getting a Masters in Management Science (MMS). After a few years I moved to the consulting sector, where the variety issues faced by companies of different sizes has proved an irresistible attraction for 15+ years, though I have enjoyed stints in corporate roles as well.

Comfortable with diverse geographies and cultures

I spent the first half of my life in Mumbai. I've also lived in Muscat (Oman), Bangalore and Chennai, and am now based in Gurgaon (New Delhi region). During the course of many engagements, I've spent time in towns of various sizes all over North, South and Western India; as well as in the US, UK, Japan, Bahrain and the UAE. This exposure to different ways of living and cultures means that I gel well with clients of different backgrounds.

Strategy for a wide selection of industries

I have worked in a sector-agnostic manner, providing strategic planning services to clients from different industries in the B2B and B2C spaces with corporate clients in manufacturing, consumer goods and services, education, tourism, and telecommunications. I have also done large amounts of work for Government departments and Nonprofits. This wide selection has given me the ability to quickly understand company cultures and to be able to build approaches that work.

An Inclusive and Gentle Approach

Using my technical skills, cultural empathy, and my wide experience I have developed an approach which works well, and which I have tested during consulting engagements. It is based on:

  • Respect for individual's capabilities at all levels
  • Fitting into the culture of the client
  • Transferring skills to the client, and coaching team members to better execute their assignments

You can read more about it in the section on Consulting Approach.

Deep Expertise

With strategy and performance improvement experience in 12+ industry sectors, I can assist your growth through:

  • Growth-focused Strategic Planning
  • Detailed Business Planning & Modeling
  • Assessment of new product success via Industry Analysis and Feasibility Studies and Market Entry Studies
  • Go-to-Market Strategy including Product rollout planning,
  • Marketing Communications, Brand Building, Online Marketing.