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Strategy Consulting is all about pushing you to grow and change

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Hello, my name is Atul Vaid and I have been a strategy and marketing consultant for 20+ years with some of the worlds biggest consulting brands.

Strategy is about deliberately choosing to be different.”
Michael Porter

If you cant find a unique spot in your industry, you cant challenge for leadership. Your strategy should aim to find and create that unique position for you.

If you want consultants from your own industry you will probably never be provided with a unique idea or model. So think different!

I work across industries using an industry-agnostic approach based on lessons learnt in 20+ years of working with clients across the world. This means that you get the best practices from a number of industries, geographies and cultures.

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Where Do I Come From?

I built my consulting skills with these great global firms.

My Consulting Approach

My strategy consulting deliverables emerge from five very practical principles.

#1 : Trends affect you. Understand them.

Strategy consulting starts with understanding trends, which needs a wider focus than just on your own industry. Social changes, demographics, technologies, political positions, disasters – all need to be considered.

Strategy needs both wide-angle vision across several sectors + micro-focus to develop company-level and function-specific initiatives.

#2 Strategy is about Numbers. Simple.

You waste time and effort if your organization can’t focus on numbers from Day Zero of a planning and execution initiative.

This does not mean that Finance/Accounts should own strategy. Areas traditionally less focused on numbers – HR, Communications, Branding, etc. – also should take ownership of strategy development, and work on corporate metrics .

#3 Planning should include Execution.

I believe passionately that a strategic plan can be useful only if it’s execution is also planned during its creation.

Its not enough to have great strategies – they need to be implementable by the organization using current or future resources and capabilities.

#4 Whoever plans, executes.

Strategy development is best done by the people responsible for its execution.

The team developing the strategy should evaluate all courses of action to create value – and that means challenging all the assumptions maybe holding them back.

#5 People are Capable. Drive Them.

People are more capable than they think themselves – when you push them they will perform outstandingly.

A key part of my approach is to ensure that client teams achieve higher performance through changed mindsets, goal-seeking behavior, and greater self-management.