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Four Steps to Building a Professional Services Brand

Summary - Services are the wild beasts of branding - difficult to control, hard to direct, and with a mind of their own. Marketers building professional services brands have even more problems due to the sensitive nature of the relationship.

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A Perspective on the ITES Training Industry in India

Summary - The growth of the Indian BPO industry depends on the continued availability of quality talent. The current optimism is grossly misplaced.

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Real Estate Marketing in the National Capital Region of India - Trends and Strategy

Authored by Atul Vaid and Pramod Misra, this is a booklet available from the National Institute of Construction Management & Research (NICMAR) where it was originally published in the "NICMAR Journal of Construction Management" Vol.XIX No.1 JAN-MAR 2004.

The study reported in this volume is perhaps the first work of its kind in India and makes significant contribution to the scarce literature on the marketing practices in the real estate sector in Delhi NCR (National Capital Region).

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Mall Mechanics - An Approach to Mall Development

Summary: Shopping Malls may emerge as the next form of retail evolution in India. But not unless a more integrated approach to mall development is followed. Developers, shoppers and retailers all struggle to find quality retail space and an enthralling visit experience.

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10 guiding principles for Nonprofits when doing strategic planning

There's room for improvement when nonprofits need to engage in strategy development. My feeling is that most nonprofits still struggle, finding the development process difficult. 10 guiding principles to adopt when starting the process are outlined in my article on Linkedin.

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Attending Trade Shows - Checklist and Cost Calculator

Tradeshows are one of the most important means to build your B2B brand, and to generate business leads. The tools below provide a checklist to ensure you get the most out of a tradeshow you decide to attend, and should be used along with the the MS-Excel tool provided.

Planning for a Tradeshow (PDF)

Tradeshow Budget Tool (XLS)