Banking services cover a wide range of consumer, commercial and investment management needs. In India, in addition to these, every bank also meets a variety of social obligations. Also, apart from the public and private sector, a 'third' sector exists - that of the cooperative sector which fulfills a number of micro-finance needs.

Sample Engagements

Strategic Review of a large European Bank with global retail, asset management and investment banking operations. This short exercise involved identification of market trends, competitive analysis and assessment of value levers; and was used as an input in the banks internal planning process.

Profile of the Cooperative Banking sector – The project involved the analysis of the performance of the banking industry in general, of the co-operative sector in particular with respect to the stated role of financing micro-level industrial infrastructure, identification of growth areas, and assessment of the bank’s competitive ability. The assignment also involved a structural reorganization.

Consulting Approach

Developing a strategy is hard.

Doing it in a way that it is adopted across the organization and is implemented is even harder.

With this in mind, and using my experience of consulting to different types of organizations, I've developed a unique approach that combines strategic planning with change management elements to assure a smooth and enthusiastic rollout.

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