Consumer Goods & Services

Goods and services sold to consumers are good indicators of the health of the economy or of an industry.

Creating strategies for consumer goods and services need a wide range of skills, as strategists must be able to explore and assess macro trends, micro trends, and industry features.

Approach, skills used, outputs

Sample Engagements

Strategic Plan for a large diversified Indian manufacturer of consumer products such as luggage, toys and furniture. The assignment involved the analysis of the various businesses to assess the long term potential for the group, the development of market strategies and the examination of the downstream functional implications.
Strategic Review for a line of OTC nutrition products from a multinational pharmaceutical and foods manufacturer. The project involved a review of various direct and indirect competitors, trends among consumers, an identification of operating and strategic issues; and the formulation of recommendations aimed at providing decision support relating to the feasibility of market entry.
Market entry and financial feasibility assessment for a large industrial house in the United Arab Emirates wishing to enter the dairy and fresh juice business. The assignment involved trade research to assess the viability of the proposed entry, developing estimates of market share, recommending a logistics model, and developing a revenue model and financial model. Projections of profitability, cash flows and returns were generated and used to assess various options.
Market entry and Financial feasibility assessment for a large industrial house in the Sultanate of Oman wishing to launch a range of bottled mineral water. The assignment involved market research to assess the concept and explore consumer preferences with respect to bottle sizes and packaging, developing a revenue model and operations model, and making long term projections of profitability, cash flows and returns.



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