Education is a growth sector across the world, and there is an increasing appreciation of its business potential. While public-private partnerships (PPP) are a possible model to adopt, there has to be a clear business case to assure success. Thus education is also coming under the purview of professional business managers.

I can mobilise immense experience in conceptualizing and establishing educational institutions, addressing academic, operational and strategic issues from my experience in consulting to the education sector.

Strategic Planning

  • Route map for establishment
  • Implementation of Growth and Globalization program
  • Operating education institutions to modern management principles and objectives

Financial Design

  • Design of marketing programs amongst target segments to achieve student enrollment
  • Financial planning for educational institutions in the private sector
  • Developing innovative business models to ensure self-financing operations
  • Establishing achievable targets for returns on investment

Curriculum Development Process

  • Designing post-graduate management programs
  • Industry-specific MDPs/EEP
  • Non-traditional and technology-aided learning systems e.g. Distance learning
  • Development of academic and vocational programs – full/part-time, diploma, certificate, degree, vocational

Academic structure

  • Faculty selection
  • Organization formation and structure
  • Recruitment of academic and technical staff
  • Research management
  • Faculty development

Roles, Procedures & Best Practices

  • Defining best practices and protocols as per international norms
  • Institutionalizing them through development of appropriate policies and procedures.

Sample Experience

Feasibility assessment for an international educational institution. The institution was based in London and looking to develop a branch in India. The project involved identification of a project site, conceptualizing the campus habitat and curriculum, interacting with various regulatory bodies in London, Geneva, Bombay and Delhi, and developing a model to assess the financial feasibility of the project

Conceiving, designing and establishing a School of Nursing Education in a large North Indian town, in association with a major Indian healthcare corporate, enrolling 80-100 students per year.

Financial and Operating Feasibility Assessment of a Tertiary Level Management Institute to be based in a major North Indian city, promoted by a UK-based group. The assignment involved designing an industry-driven curriculum, developing an organisation structure based on the expected enrollment and the curriculum, and making projections of revenues, expenses, investments and liabilities over the short and medium term.

Online skills assessment testing and placement (SaaS startup)

Consulting Approach

Developing a strategy is hard.

Doing it in a way that it is adopted across the organization and is implemented is even harder.

With this in mind, and using my experience of consulting to different types of organizations, I've developed a unique approach that combines strategic planning with change management elements to assure a smooth and enthusiastic rollout.

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