Sample Engagements

Feasibility assessment for an international educational institution based in London and looking to develop a branch in India. The project involved identification of a project site, conceptualizing the campus habitat and curriculum, interacting with various regulatory bodies in London, Geneva, Bombay and Delhi, and developing a model to assess the financial feasibility of the project
Conceiving, establishing a School of Nursing Education in a large North Indian town, in association with a major Indian healthcare corporate, enrolling 80-100 students per year.
Financial and Operating Pre-Feasability Assessment of a tertiary level management institute to be based in a major North Indian city, promoted by a UK-based group. The assignment involved designing an industry-driven curriculum, developing an organisation structure based on the expected enrollment and the curriculum, and making projections of revenues, expenses, investments and liabilities over the short and medium term.
Designed and launched pre-hire BPO training system for BPO new hires. Developed training content, negotiated and rolled out trials in 3 states with multiple training delivery partners using government bodies, corporate partnerships, and educational institutions. Final proof of concept pre-hire training model delivered 10X level of results compared to existing model.




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