Government public services such as healthcare, transport, urban services, etc are often in a state of financial distress. Public impatience with poor quality service, and reduced government support has driven an increasing acceptance of the need for public agencies to be run on quasi-commercial lines.

One route taken by several governments to reducing the financial burden on the public exchequer, while improving service quality and financial performance has been disinvestment of government owned/public sector undertakings. Major policy changes in all the infrastructure sectors have also led to a re-look at the strategy by all the major players. In addition, there is an increasing awareness of the need by many organisations of bringing in international best practices.

I have carried out several assignments that required services such:

  • Public Opinion Surveys
  • User Service Level Assessments
  • Change Management
  • Business Planning for Public Services
  • Pre-Divestment Support

I have experience in doing assignments for government-owned and operated companies, and quasi-government agencies, in several countries.

Sample Engagements

Collaboration Opportunity Assessment for the world’s two largest postal systems - United States Postal Service (USPS) and India Post. USPS requested Accenture to examine the opportunities in the India - USA air transportation market with focus on CEP services, identification of service features and additional products, and outline of an operating model for collaboration between USPS and India Post. The engagement developed projections of CEP and Priority Freight, provided insights on customers and competitors, and outlined the offering features and downstream capabilities required for market success. Based on the report USPS and India Post are developing a collaborative model to offer Priority Freight services between India and the USA to B2B, B2C and C2C customers in India.

Business Planning for Government-Owned/Operated Bus Transport Company in the Sultanate of Oman. The assignment involved developing a marketing and business strategy for the company, assessing the long term business model, and identifying operational weaknesses. The team developed routes, assessed fleet size and composition, and outlined a new organization structure. As a follow-on assignment, the team also developed a Memorandum of Information for distribution to potential investors as part of the Government’s privatization program.

Assessment of the Feasibility of a Postal Delivery System for the Ministry of Communications in the Sultanate of Oman. The assignment required the assessment of the likely load on the system, developing the logistical system and assessing the financial performance and the exposure to risks.

Review of the export market in Yemen for a large nodal export promotion agency, for products manufactured in Oman.

Cooperative Banking sector - The project involved the analysis of the performance of the banking industry in general, of the co-operative sector in particular with respect to the stated role of financing micro-level industrial infrastructure, identification of growth areas, and assessment of the bank's competitive ability. The assignment also involved a structural reorganization.

Tourism Development Agency - The client requirements were to assess the potential for development of coastal tourism industry in centrally-designated Special Tourism Areas. The company's brief involved the onsite review of facilities, infrastructure and attractions, and the formulation of district level development plans within the framework of the National Policy on Tourism.

Consulting Approach

Developing a strategy is hard.

Doing it in a way that it is adopted across the organization and is implemented is even harder.

With this in mind, and using my experience of consulting to different types of organizations, I've developed a unique approach that combines strategic planning with change management elements to assure a smooth and enthusiastic rollout.

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