Real Estate Development



Sample Engagements

Hotel Market Review and Feasibility study for Retail Space Development in India for an international hotel chain. The study required the review of the retail and property market, concept identification and concept testing amongst consumers and retailers, identification of target consumers, sizing and valuation of catchment areas, estimation of traffic potentials, configuration of the retail property with respect to scale of development, tenant mix and number of outlets, and the projections of financial estimates based on a market-driven property pricing structure. The study led to a number of similar follow-on assignments across other major urban centers.
Market Review and Concept Development for a large Mixed-Use Development consisting of a retail complex, city hotel and assorted facilities.
Market Review and Feasibility study for the development of a City Beach Resort located in Oman. The assignment required a review of the hotel industry in Oman, leisure trends and the development of a revenue model. In addition, it required the development of a financial model to assess the project’s returns to the developer through a projection of income, profits and cash flows.
Assessment of the scope for a Mixed Use Development for a major development house in Oman. The assignment required a review of the various development options in terms of retail, commercial, and residential space (hotel as well as non-commercial options such as apartments, villas, etc). The team reviewed the entire market in each of these segments, explored consumer preferences and made recommendations regarding possible concepts and usages.
Financial feasibility assessment for the development of a commercial building in the Central Business District of Oman’s capital city.
Review of the commercial property market for a large international property development and management company in three Indian metropolitan cities, carried out through a on-site analysis of trends and future developments, to identify potential site-specific property applications and commercial considerations thereto.




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