The telecom space occupies a unique space, being made up of a convergence of consumer needs, technical innovation, industrial-scale investment and intense support services.

Consulting in the industry requires an understanding across technical evolution trends, consumer needs, customer acquisition and fulfillment strategy and investment dynamics.

Sample Engagements

Offering Design and Market Entry Strategy for the world’s largest communications holding company serving over 71 million customers in the US alone. The firm had finalized a plan to develop and offer its own branded consumer home services across a 50-state footprint., and required assistance in Consumer Marketing. In eight weeks, the team developed a behavior/attitudes driven customer segmentation scheme, identified and sized key markets at a city level, and developed product definitions along with a spread-sheet based financial model. The team also identified competitive gaps by developing a comprehensive competitive analysis of all players offering similar or competing services to consumers. With the complete knowledge of the competitors strengths and weaknesses, and an understanding of their offerings, the client was able to develop a product-services portfolio that was able to meet customer’s needs better than that of competitors, and also easily aligned to its brand values and positioning.

Market entry assessment for a large Japanese telecom (wireless/mobile) major exploring the India market. The engagement provided inputs on the market eco-system such as technology, regulation, handset trends, telecom infrastructure and key VAS features. The team also profiled customer characteristics, the entry strategies adopted by other entrants, and an update on deals underway.

Consulting Approach

Developing a strategy is hard.

Doing it in a way that it is adopted across the organization and is implemented is even harder.

With this in mind, and using my experience of consulting to different types of organizations, I've developed a unique approach that combines strategic planning with change management elements to assure a smooth and enthusiastic rollout.

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