My Philosophy of Consulting

When I work with you and your organization, you receive deep Expertise honed over 20 years of solving problems for global and Indian clients of all sizes. You will also benefit from my Experience and Empathy in appreciating both organizational and leadership problems.

In addition, I’m very conscious of the need to provide Value – so rather than a cookie-cutter pricing approach based on hours, I base my approach on the complexity of issues to be addressed, and the duration of support that you will require.

I implement my philosophy of consulting by assigning equal importance to both analysis as well as execution.

My Approach – The Four Layer Approach

Based on my experience, and the gaps I see in the approaches of the large multinational consulting firms, I’ve developed a methodology which is based on the following principles:

  • Focus on CHANGE from Day 1: Most firms consider strategy and change/implementation to be different. My understanding is that you need to consider the practical aspects of implementation upfront as part of strategy, otherwise its simply a theoretical exercise. Accordingly, right from the first kickoff conversation, my approach builds on the likelihood of developing a future-oriented solution to its issues, which will require changing aspects of the organization.
  • Engage with EVERYBODY: Involving only senior leadership and senior management in the strategy development process can lead to bottlenecks and similar/siloed thinking. Instead I have seen better results by involving entire teams through workshops with different service lines/functions, etc to discuss what strategy is required. Using a rapid rollout of half-day workshops with samples of people from different teams, I involve everybody – across all levels, functions and business lines – in defining issues and developing solutions +strategies to ensure everybody feels that they have been heard, all operating problems come into the open, and that at the end of the exercise everybody has agreed on the overall direction.
  • Get real – insist on the use of NUMBERS: Its not enough to simply use ambitions and aspirations as the basis for action – strategy involves making trade-off choices.  I therefore ask for the use of business numbers to develop a base for all discussions even at very junior level; and in all functions, even in areas which traditionally don’t see a focus on business metrics. This ensures that the initial enthusiasm for suggesting interesting strategies gets assessed against the likely impact on the business, and at the end of the process all teams have an understanding of the basis of selection of a strategy.

Using these principles, I’ve developed a 4-layer approach, where I first address basic questions of vision/mission/goals, and then work through developing business strategies and a business model. This then dovetails seamlessly into addressing implementation aspects such as the required operating model, and the governance structure.

atul vaid 4 Layer Consulting Approach