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DIY Strategic Planning

The traditional consulting approach involves lengthy and expensive data gathering efforts by large numbers of expensive consultants brought in from outside the business. They spend lots of time in meetings with key managers to collect data which is then needed to be compiled and analyzed to arrive at a diagnostic which acts as the base for strategic planning that addresses gaps and opportunities.

Instead my approach is to create the tools that enable DIY Strategic Planning. I aim to replace temporary outsiders by the people best suited to do an assessment – existing managers. These managers are provided assessment tools. They can then evaluate their own organization, identify strengths to use, as well as the gaps to be addressed and brought up to ‘best in class’ levels. Since this assessment is being done by people already well familiar with the organization, it can be done faster, more thoroughly and with greater credibility than by outside consultants.

The tool and the online course below provide starting points for implementing a DIY approach to strategy.


Strategic Capabilities Diagnostic

Use the tool’s 70+ questions in 13 categories of performance to assess your organization quickly and thoroughly. The tool is constantly evolving, with more questions being added, and a one-time purchase gives you access to all updates for the next 12 months.

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Learn Strategic Planning Basics

This Course shows you how to develop strategy, and walks you through the strategic planning process. It is designed for anyone seeking practical advice on how to quickly create a Strategic Plan, and gives you pointers on how to implement the strategy. By the end of this Course, you will know the strategic planning method, and will be able to create a strategic plan, and understand how to best implement it.
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