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Consulting Career Success

The 17 Things That Baby Consultants Should Know


Welcome to this online learning course on Consulting Career Success. I’ve subtitled it ’17 Things Baby Consultants Should Know’ because it deals with the basic yet critical things that new entrants should know about how consulting firms work to build a successful career in this space.

This course is ideal for people who need to QUICKLY get focused and to-the-point advice on how to succeed in management consulting.



This short Course (45 Minutes) is designed for people seeking practical advice on how to do well in a consulting firm. It was written using my years of experience in guiding and assessing young consultants just entering global consulting firms, and its lessons can be applied to professional services firms in other industries as well.

The Course starts by looking at what you need to need to understand about the industry, and how firms in this space operate. It covers the skills you need, the roles you will play, and how to market yourself.

By the end of the Course, you will have a good understanding of how services firms work, what is important to your managers, and how to make the kind of impact that will elevate you above your peers.



  • 8 lectures
  • 45 minutes of video instruction
  • Tips and explanations

Key concepts covered:

  • How the Consulting Industry works
  • Understanding Your Firm
  • Identifying Who Will Make Or Break Your Career
  • The Essential Skills You Need
  • What Are Roles That You Will Play
  • How To Market Yourself
  • How To Manage Your Own Expectations