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Strategic Planning Basics

The Essential Method of Developing a Strategic Plan for the Busy Businessperson.

strategic planning

Welcome to this online learning course on Strategic Planning Basics. In 90 minutes you’ll learn how to not only write a comprehensive Strategic Plan, but how to ensure you can successfully implement it to achieve your goals.

This course is ideal for people who need to start QUICKLY.

This Course is designed for business professionals seeking practical advice on how to design and create a strategic plan that can be implemented effectively. By the end of the Course, you will understand the strategic planning method, you will know how to create a strategic plan that suits your organization’s capabilities, and you will be able to define the initiatives which will be the best way of implementing strategy.

The Course starts by looking at what you need to consider to set a direction, analyze your industry, evaluate opportunities and assess strategies. You will also understand how to define and prioritize the initiatives that are the elements needed for successful implementation of the plan. We will also outline the key things to do, and pitfalls to avoid, when you start implementing.


  • 32 lectures
  • 120 minutes of video instruction
  • Downloadable guides and templates

Key concepts covered

  • What Is A Strategic Plan and Why It Is Important
  • Setting A Strategic Direction via the Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles
  • Defining the Strategic Environment – External Analysis, Internal Analysis and Bringing Both Together via a SWOT Analysis
  • Choosing Opportunities By Understanding Your Key Competencies
  • Evaluating Opportunities Using Strategic Criteria
  • Comparing and Prioritizing Initiatives Using Strategic Grids
  • Organizing For Success

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