The following is a non-exhaustive set of cases which only represent a sample of work done. They are provided on a no-name basis as we maintain client confidentiality at all times.

Overview of Government consulting

Government public services such as healthcare, transport, urban services, etc. are often in a state of financial distress. Government entities now aim at reducing the financial burden on the public exchequer while improving service quality and financial performance.

To address increasing public impatience with poor quality service and reduce reliance government support has driven (a) the need for public agencies to be run on quasi-commercial lines and (b) use of external talent to focus on specific problems, either contractually or on a consulting basis. There is therefore an increasing focus on re-looking their strategy and operations by most major public entities.

Sample Engagements

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Department of Posts – Collaboration Opportunity Assessment | Download

Business Planning for a large government-owned public transport company in the Sultanate of Oman | Download

Assessment of the feasibility of a direct-to-home postal delivery system for the Ministry of Communications in Oman | Download

Review of Yemen export market for large nodal export promotion agency | Download

Strategic review of cooperative sector for Indian Cooperative Bank

Coastal Tourism Development Potential Assessment for State Tourism Development Agency | Download