Innovation Management

The following is a non-exhaustive set of cases which only represent a sample of work done. They are provided on a no-name basis as we maintain client confidentiality at all times.


In the context of management consulting firms, innovation is applied to develop thought pieces, consulting assets and advanced tools – all for the purpose of supporting client pursuit, generating client interest in new methods, and providing innovative delivery methods and frameworks.


Program Design: Developed vision, virtual organization, management processes from scratch; worked pro-actively with investment managers and points-of-contact to identify trends affecting development plans and budget utilization

Change Management: Worked with team leads to drive understanding, awareness and appreciation of the program among executives. Socialized and implemented changes to planning and staffing processes by each team to include an program element; ensured that teams actively undertook such initiatives, developed and maintained metrics regarding progress wrt program goals.

Stakeholder management: Ensured senior local and global stakeholders were kept current and apprised of risks through issue of regular and detailed reports; designed management processes for use at team and overall level (demand forecasting, budget development and utilization monitoring; governance approach; staffing principles); ensured alignment to global timelines and processes; worked through budgeting and staffing processes with global leadership.

Solutioning approaches and staffing mixes – Coordinated cross-team/cross-location sharing of opportunities and resources to ensure targets were met; ensured quality and service levels were understood and adhered to; refreshed tracking tools and approaches to stay current with growth of function.

Framed program-specific rules/processes for use by staffing function using feedback from SPOCs and global R&D team; incorporated these requirements in staffing SOPs

Sample Innovation Output

A Global Consumer Model – Led a program to conceive and profile a global portfolio of fifteen multi-region consumer segments that are critical to growth in different industries. The segments identified were in North America, Europe, Brazil, Emerging Africa & India, Asia & China. Consumers were assessed in terms of how they leveraged technology, ensured their financial well-being, managed their health, and entertained themselves. A deep understanding of these customer segments was used to define customer experiences and business capability transformation in tandem, to drive profitable growth and sustainable value.

Customer Dialogue Management – Customers are confronted with thousand of advertising messages daily, however, only a fraction is absorbed due to no relevance and failure in delivery. This tool aimed at increasing customer relevance and improving marketing effectiveness. It created ongoing, interactive customer dialogue through deep customer insights and contextual information, multiple channel communication, the right timing and content/ offering. It ensured a branded customer experience by translating customer strategy into customer treatments, consolidating all communication intention within a company and communicating consistently over multiple communication channels.

Customer Experience Design & Management Methodology – Customer Experience Management is a key component of delivering High Performance through Customer Centricity. This asset laid out how to apply different elements to ensure a high level of customer experience. It synchronizes Marketing, Sales and Service to address issues such as Strategy and Value Proposition (Who are our target customers, what are their needs, and how do we wish to differentiate ourselves?), Customer Blueprint (What experiences deliver against our proposition and are uniquely tailored to customer needs), Roadmap Development (What strategic capabilities are required to support our strategy and how will we implement them?) and Required Operating Model (How do we enable the organization to deliver and manage customer experiences?)

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