ITES (IT-Enabled Services)

The following is a non-exhaustive set of cases which only represent a sample of work done. They are provided on a no-name basis as we maintain client confidentiality at all times.

Overview of ITES space

The IT-Enabled Services (ITES) industry is one of India’s success stories, with turnover alomost doubling from US$ 95 Billion in 2011 to approximately US$ 180 Billion this year (source: Nasscom). A key plank in its success is the availability of high-quality well-educated Indian manpower, at a cost far below their counterparts abroad. This foundation looks increasingly vulnerable as talent pools dry up, and the lack of resources to fill agent seats leads to companies ‘poaching’ entry level talent from each other, and paying ever higher salaries to retain their staff.


Strategic Initiatives – New Hiring Assessment & Online Hiring Initiatives

Originated and developed a robust process to identify and assess development/retail-delivery training organizations. Developed evaluation tools.

Outsourced the piloting to external organizations, managed the evaluation, short-listed partner organizations.

Devised and led a benchee retraining program that reduced CUA bench levels using external
vendors, leading to reduction in non-revenue generating headcount.

Set up and leading a team to develop a standardized Competency test to assess English language communication skills with the potential to save ~US$1,000 per capita in direct hiring expenses.

Developed and structured a comprehensive and integrated operational model for pre-hire training through external partners. Product launched in a major South Indian state.

Structured and developed a pioneering 50 hour training course developing key competencies in a new audience segment. Development included courseware, trainer-ware and student selection tools.

Developed and implemented SOP guidelines on branding, IPR, copyright, risk exposure. Negotiated
acceptance of course and operational model by target State body and managing testing / rollout

Strategic Initiatives – Facility Location Assessment

Led a team to assess entry options for the selection of new sites on a pan-India basis, evaluating options based on demographic aspects and incentives offered by local regulatory bodies. Developed data-based business decision model. Reviewed short-listed locations in detail to evaluate site-specific real estate entry options such as leasing, purchase, self-owned, build-to-suit, joint venture, etc.

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