Nonprofits Consulting

The following is a non-exhaustive set of cases which only represent a sample of work done. They are provided on a no-name basis as we maintain client confidentiality at all times.

Overview of Nonprofits consulting issues

All nonprofits face the same basic challenge: how to use available resources to maximize social impact. Social needs are endless, and as a result nonprofits are pulled in many directions to address social needs. Nonprofits of all sizes must prioritize their activities in order to best direct limited resources. Equally, they also have to optimally use their resources through efficient operations. The choice between these sometimes conflicting objectives is usually decided on the basis of what action provides the most benefit to the nonprofit’s beneficiaries. The organization’s strategies and action plans therefore have to be developed through a rigorous process that achieves the optimal mix of resource balancing and beneficiary benefits.

My approach to strategic planning and implementation in this space therefore is extremely organization-centric, since successful development and execution will depend on understanding and working with the mix of skills, attitudes, services and financial resources unique to each client. The planning processes that I drive are extremely participative, and are based on a far greater usage of inter-personal discussions (team meetings, interviews and workshops) than would be used in a more ‘corporate’ setting. Alongside this empathetic approach I use high-performance strategy models that I’ve imbibed from my time at global consulting firms delivering engagements across multiple sectors and client cultures.

Sample Engagements

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Creation of India Country Strategy for US NGO | Download

Strategy Implementation for Indian branch of US NGO, including Change Planning and Support | Download

Restructuring of Global Secretariat of International NGO in the UK | Download

Business Model and Business Plan for Indian affiliate of INGO | Download

Affiliate auditing parameters and Audit Tool development | Download

Establishment of Governance – Structure and responsibilities | Download