Real Estate Development

The following is a non-exhaustive set of cases which only represent a sample of work done. They are provided on a no-name basis as we maintain client confidentiality at all times.

Overview of Real Estate development issues

Retail Space Development

Lifestyles and spending patterns have radically changed over the past decade. Driven by an expansive media, the average Indian household now provides new business to retailers. As a result, large Indian and overseas retail chains are busy establishing themselves in most towns, with mini metros and key district towns being the targets after showcase metro locations, due to the cheaper real estate. As the industry is characterized by low margins and high growth, companies need to respond to the trends in consumer lifestyle and behavior, and in India a focus on the mass market, with an emphasis on providing value for money and generating loyalty for repeat purchasing, generates volumes. Thus developing operational scale and developing the appropriate retail concept are both critical.

A number of formats exist in this sector, not all of which have found favor with the Indian shopper, who balances the convenience and low prices of a neighbourhood ‘kirana’ (unorganised) store with the quality and variety offered by a more organised competitor. Retailers must therefore research shopping behaviour in detail.

For Retail and Other Property projects, we have provided:
Sizing and valuation of retail catchment areas
Consumer behavior
Estimation of traffic potential
Product/ Tenant/ Facility mix
Business Modeling
Financial Projections

Leisure & Tourism Space Development

Leisure activities are emerging as a key economic driver in India after decades of development efforts. Domestic tourism is expected to be a key growth driver, along with specialty international tourism niches such as heritage tourism, health tourism and eco-tourism. Developers can actively look to tap into this growth avenue by providing quality facilities and services to the increasingly discerning and value-conscious domestic and international traveler.

Along with tourism, leisure activities driven by lifestyle choices and consumerism-driven spending are also emerging as a huge growth area across all geographies. Configuring developments with the right concept mix and facility mix is increasingly vital to ensuring the financial success of any project.

For Leisure & Tourism projects, we provide
Review of Tourism and Leisure/Lifestyle trends
Concept identification and concept testing through User/Visitor research
Location /Site recommendations
Market-driven Facility Configuration
Visitor Volumes estimates
Assessment of Space/Room Volumes, Mix, ARR
Financial Projections based on Revenue and Cost Modeling

Sample Engagements

Construction is usually the largest part of most economies. Of that Real Estate is a key segment and comprises Commercial and Home construction. My experience covers commercial real estate, specifically studies assessing the viability of projects in malls, hospitality, office and mixed-use developments in India and the Middle East. I have also assessed marketing practices in real estate (see the Thoughts section) and have been involved in the development side of studies for colleges and schools.

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