Staying ahead requires more than just adopting new technology. It demands a problem solving approach, an outcome-oriented and frugal mindset, and being able to manage internal change all the time.

With a management consulting background of over 20 years across commercial, nonprofit and government organizations I can assist you with both developing your strategy, as well as with executing it. My services include:

Strategy Development

Whether you’re looking to devise more dynamic strategies, to drive growth, or to create the right conditions for innovation, I have the expertise and experience to guide and support your organization.

I help you with strategy services at the overall corporate level (Corporate Planning), or for individual business units or categories (Strategic Planning and/or Business Planning).

My portfolio includes:

Execution Support

Getting strategy implemented requires a mix of art and science, since it requires both business logic as well as understanding and mobilizing people in support of the business objectives. The 4 key interconnected areas I can help you with are:

  • Organization Design
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Communications
  • Program Management

These areas are interconnected and also include understanding the impact of technology and business processes on the organization and its people.

Read about my Execution Services in detail.