Getting the job done demands a problem solving approach, an outcome-oriented mindset, and being able to manage internal change all the time. Good execution means being able to answer key questions such as:

  • Who is doing what? Are the different parts of the organization collaborating or hindering each other?

So do you have the right organization structure? Develop the right shape and manpower levels through the right organization design, capability assessments and training, and manpower planning. Read about my Organization Design skills and experience.

  • Can and will employees do their jobs differently or better so the organization moves forward?

People have to be persuaded to change their way or working, and have to learn how to collaborate. Giving them technology-based tools is not a solution. Rather they need a mix of persuasion, logic and incentives to change their pattern of behavior. I can help them change. Read about my Change Management skills and experience.

  • Is leadership talking with employees? And are the right messages being heard by the right people?

I work with communications experts to design internal communications and social media campaigns to drive customer and employee engagement, and influence behavior and brand reputation. I provide measured results and insights. Read about my Internal and External Communications skills and experience.

  • Are all your different initiatives making an impact, or are they all over the place?

The art and science of planning and monitoring the execution of initiatives and ensuring that people involved understand, support and align to the plan. Read about my Program Management skills and experience.