Program management can be considered a combination of an art and a science. While planning and monitoring is scientific and uses a number of structured tools, working with the people actually implementing the program or project, and ensuring that they understand, support and align to the plan requires soft skills and is very dependent on the team management skills of the program manager.

What I Deliver

  • Program Design: Develop a vision, organization, management processes; work with investment managers and points-of-contact to identify pressures affecting development plans and budget utilization
  • Change Management: Work with functional/business leads to drive understanding, awareness and appreciation of the program among executives. Socialize and implement changes to planning and staffing processes to include program elements; ensure that teams actively adopt initiatives, develop and maintain metrics regarding progress towards program goals.
  • Stakeholder management: Ensure senior local and global stakeholders are kept current and apprised of risks through issue of regular and detailed reports; design management processes for use at team and overall level (demand forecasting, budget development and utilization monitoring; governance approach; staffing principles); ensure alignment to global timelines and processes; work through budgeting and staffing processes with global leadership.
  • Solutions development - Coordinate cross-team/cross-location sharing of opportunities and resources to ensure targets were met; ensure quality and service levels are understood and adhered to; refresh tracking tools and approaches to stay current with growth of function.
  • Frame program-specific rules/processes for use affected functions/businesses, using feedback from point-of-contacts and global teams; incorporate these requirements in staffing SOPs.

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