Strategic Capability Diagnostic

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Use these 100 questions to review and assess your capabilities in 13 strategic areas.

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What You Get By Using This Tool
How to succeed and does your business have the capabilities needed to achieve success? Is your business working in the most effective way? What are the capabilities and processes that need to be improved?

These are the questions you can explore by using this tool. You will examine vital strategic capabilities, answering a number of key questions across 13 sections. Each question requires you to assess the level at which the organization is acting, from Level 1 (Basic) to Level 4 (Advanced). At the end of each section you can access a visual representation of your strengths and weaknesses and a summary of your responses.

Once you complete all the sections, you will receive a PDF summary of all the responses and a custom-built point of view on the organization’s development priorities.

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I need more help to examine my business. What can I do?

If your review throws up more questions, I can assist you to examine the problems and possible solutions. We can do this via video meetings or in-person meetings with you and your team. Reach out to me at to set up a call to explain your problems and how we can work together.