Strategy Support

Branding & Marketing

Branding and marketing are joined functions like two sides of the same coin. Branding is the integral character of the organization made physical in form and word, while Marketing is its communication internally to employees and shareholders, and externally to partners and customers. Each cannot exist without the other.

I provide a brand management framework that aligns to your corporate and product values and objectives, and develop the marketing strategy around that based on brand message, customer segmentation and insights. I also develop marketing operations plans including communication, marketing management, sales support, online activities, and public relations.


Brand Identity

  • Development and management
  • Standardization of brand across all internal and external usages
  • Redesign of brand usage norms to suit current business needs
  • Re-branding exercises for internal and external audience

Marketing Strategy

  • Formulation, evaluation and selection of growth oriented marketing strategies and plans based on an analysis of:
  • consumer segmentation preferences
  • competitor presence and strategies
  • product features and value propositions
  • channel dynamics
  • pricing sensitivities
  • product-market analysis
  • portfolio analysis and modification based on returns from various resource allocation options

Marketing Management

  • Setting up marketing operations; using India as a base for resources and creative execution
  • Recruiting and managing marketing team
  • Setting and managing budget for marketing function
  • Developing global brand position and branding strategy
  • Establishing go-to-market strategy and implementing in key markets
  • Defining and rolling out marketing systems/best practices

Online marketing

  • Online strategy integrating PR channels, social networks and website
  • Corporate website improvement involving design, architecture, content and rollout.
  • SEO strategies and visitor information capture system to pass on leads to Sales team

Sales support

  • Collateral – Conceptualize, design and produce collateral for all corporate use, recruiting, and service lines sales – brochures, micro-websites, e-mailers, newsletters, press releases, etc.
  • Lead generation – Build case-study microsite with case-specific keywords/ search function/ registration tool.
  • Events – identify key trade shows to be attended, structure and design trade show collateral, develop processes for pre-show and post-show support.
  • Build Credentials Library – Case studies and whitepapers – review entire experience , rewrite all cases, develop new design

Sample Engagements

(The following is a non-exhaustive list of engagements provided as a sample. We do not reveal client names.)

Creating and running a Marketing Department in India to remotely and in-person service marketing operations in India, the USA and Japan, Required recruiting and managing a marketing team, appointing external agencies to design and print marketing collateral for use in sales, online media, trade shows, employee marketing; creating a brand identity; defining and running processes for delivery of India-based collateral design and production, research, PR, and online services.

Market Assessment – Evaluation of the likely usage and acceptance of Slag Cement in India, profiling the trade universe, assessing sales levels, forecasting demand at a district level till 2010, formulating marketing strategies that would generate dealer and user demand.

Marketing Strategies for Small SKU White Cement Packs – One of India’s largest cement manufacturing groups wished to improve awareness of its white cement brand amongst trade, users (contractors) and end-consumers. After a market review, it was decided to launch small size packs of white cement supported by packing, channel and pricing strategies identified during the study.

Marketing strategies for publications owned by a major Indian media group – The consulting team was analyzed the environment in which the client organization was functioning, map the strengths and weaknesses of each of the mastheads (publications), and suggested region-specific marketing strategies to drive awareness, revenue growth and market share amongst readers.

Offering Design for the world’s largest communications holding company serving over 71 million customers in the US alone. The firm had finalized a plan to develop and offer its own branded consumer home services across a 50-state footprint., and required assistance in Consumer Marketing. In eight weeks, the team developed a behavior/attitudes driven customer segmentation scheme, identified and sized key markets at a city level, and developed product definitions along with a spread-sheet based financial model. The team also identified competitive gaps by developing a comprehensive competitive analysis of all players offering similar or competing services to consumers. With the complete knowledge of the competitors strengths and weaknesses, and an understanding of their offerings, the client was able to develop a product-services portfolio that was able to meet customer’s needs better than that of competitors, and also easily aligned to its brand values and positioning.